Genesis of a Dream

Someday, I’m going to travel the world!

How many times have we heard this? How many times have we said this?  It seems as though global travel sits atop everyone’s bucket list. But that’s all it seems to do – sit on the list – lingering there as a dream with no chance of becoming a reality.


There are 1001 rationalizations we all give:  I don’t have the money, it’s not a good time, I have my job to worry about…the list goes on and on. Sure, I’m not saying everyone has the luxury to drop what they are doing and go travel. But, like anything else in life, if you want it bad enough to the point where you need it, you find a way to make it happen.

Fortunately, I reached that point in the Summer of 2017.  Let’s go back to the genesis of my dream.

It was July 2017 and life was blah.  Sure, I had many things to be thankful for including a good job, nice apartment, great friends and a supportive Family but something was missing.  I felt as though I climbed on to the hamster wheel – every step leading to the exact same thing, every day turning out the exact same way.  There was a void I needed to fill and I chose to do so with partying.

Yep, how cliché, right? But wait, the plot thickens…

My genius solution to my problems culminated in a DUI one summer night. Hamster wheel temporarily out-of-order because this day was not exactly the same as all the others.

I’ll spare you the legal details and skip right to the eye-opening moment.

It was through this experience (aka hitting rock bottom) that allowed me to take a real hard look at my life and ask what the hell I was doing with it?  Seriously, what’s the objective?  It took a great deal of self-reflection to understand that the “traditional” path might not be for me.  I realized I was using the wrong scale to grade my personal success: instead of job titles, status, and money in the bank, it should be adventure, meaningful relationships and conquering the unknown.

That’s fantastic, Chris.  You managed to figure out that changes need to be made in order to get what you want out of life.  But, what now? Well, I’ve always wanted to travel the world…that sounds like it would cover all three!

And there it was, my epiphany.  The clouds parted, trumpets sounded and 99 virgins appeared in my apartment.

Ok, maybe that part didn’t happen but everything else is true.

I was resolved to dedicate a year of my life to traveling the world and experiencing what else is really out there.

Over the next 9 months I researched and devised a plan to make my dream a reality.


I’m writing this post a little over two weeks out from the start of my dream.  Everything is set and ready for take off: I’ve left my job, saved a decent amount of money, learned budget travel basics, booked my flight to country #1 and downsized my possessions to fit into a backpack.  All that’s left to do is share just how difficult this transition to a travel lifestyle has been…stay tuned.



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