The Travel Slump

They warned me it would happen.

They said it doesn’t matter how great your trip is, you’ll eventually experience it…

The Travel Slump.

For the 10 months leading up to The Global Stroll I spent the majority of my free time reading travel blogs, listening to travel podcasts and learning all about a life of travel.

Throughout all the research there were a few underlying themes, one of which was a warning of the inevitable travel slump.

For those of you that are not familiar with this term I’ll describe it as a wonder plateau.

That point in time where a beautiful waterfall no longer is the most incredible site you’ve ever laid eyes on. Rather, it becomes just another body of water flowing over some rocks.

Ok, that may be overstating it but I think you know what I mean.

The amazement of the huge risk I took to quit and leave everything behind to go venture around started becoming the new normal.

For those that haven’t guessed already, normal bores me.

So what to do?

Well, the answer is complex in its simplicity: find something to reignite your wanderlust, Chris.

Hmm, that sounds great but how?

I mean if I’m not still in awe of the stunning sites I’m seeing each day then what could possibly be enough to jump-start my imagination?

Should I do bungee jumping again? Maybe that will snap me back up (pun intended).


How about a skydive? There’s nothing like free-falling to earth at 120 mph to really wake up the senses.

No, I’ve done bungee and I can wait a while for my skydive training to start.

Well then…what??

I struggled with this question for a few days until my answer presented itself in the form of a text, all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio.

I was roaming the sulfur-scented streets of Rotorua, New Zealand on yet another rainy day in May. It was my first afternoon in town and I was determined to make use of the limiting weather by putting my butt in a seat and writing my next journal entry.

I was serious!

I picked out a nice cafe, ordered myself a coffee and opened my laptop.

I was ready!

5 minutes passed…blank screen

10 minutes passed…still a blank screen

15 minutes passed…Great! I had a title. Well, that’s enough for the day, I’m going to the cinema.

I make light of the moment but it’s worth mentioning the Travel Slump does not only apply to waterfalls and landscapes; it seemed to eat away at my creativity as well.

So, as I packed up my things and headed back out onto the rainy streets I received a text from a friend back in the States.

She told me she just arrived in Kauai, Hawaii, it was absolutely gorgeous and I should come.

Now picture that for a second.

There I was, packing up my things to head back out into the cold, rainy day only to waste the afternoon away in a movie when my friend texted me saying how beautiful an island not too far away was and extends an invitation to join.

What would you do?

You’d probably at least contemplate the possibility of going, right?

So did I.

But then I took it one step further. I started looking at flights.

Tickets were a little pricey but doable. Plus, I have those credit card points I’ve been saving.

Hmm, this may be possible.

I thought about it the entire time I was in the movie.

By the time the screen went black and the credits rolled I knew it was feasible but the question then became, “should I go?”

I’ve never booked a trip the night before and spontaneously took off, let alone to a tropical paradise.

I was nervous.

Would it be a wrong move?

Is it too much money?

Am I crazy?

It was in this moment that I recognized my spirits were up.

I felt alive!

I knew this was the spark I was looking for and I could not let it slip away.

With a smile on my face and a tremble of nerves in my hands I texted my friend back:


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