Who Is This Guy?



Hi, I’m Chris.

If you clicked on this page you are probably curious in finding out who this guy is posting all of these random things? Well, let me put you at ease and tell you it’s me, Chris Corigliano.


Chris Corigliano

Posing on the Ben Lomond Saddle - Queenstown, NZ

The Northeast USA native who, at 29 years old, decided it would be a good idea to say good-bye to normality and go backpack the world.  Of course there were numerous experiences leading up to my big decision (the last of which is described in my Genesis of a Dream post) but we’ll stick to the broad strokes:

My life has been a chapter book of change.  From different schools to different homes and later different states, I became good friends with the brand new. My journey took me from New Jersey, to Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York and later to Kentucky.  I quickly learned how to adapt to my new surroundings and even thrive in the unfamiliar. Needless to say I became comfortable with hitting the reset button and everything that came along with it:  new friends, new job, new neighborhood, new culture.

Although I enjoyed the life, I always thought it was temporary. Somewhere down deep the thought of one day settling down and “starting” life continuously nagged at me.

It was not until my second year living in Northern Kentucky (just outside of Cincinnati, OH) did I come to the conclusion that maybe a sedentary life is not for me.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s perfectly OK to live multiple short chapters in many locations rather than a long chapter in the same one. Think of all the benefits!  The exposure to different ways of life is a good enough reason to embrace this style of life.

And so, reset button pushed yet again. This time I’m not packing the moving van for a new location, I’m stuffing the backpack and heading off to see the entire world.

Join me on this adventure as I record what is sure to be a wild ride.



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